Any suggestions to cure the Porsche's snap oversteer?


I know, for I told me so
Feb 14, 2015
I quite like driving this car but to me it seems prone to random sudden oversteer snaps. Even if I manage to save them it destroys my confidence in the car and I end up driving like it's on ice.

Anyone else found this, and / or found something to stabilise it a bit?
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Nov 6, 2016
das hatte ich gestern uhrplötzlich auch
lösch die setups in den dokumenten
spieldateien aktualisieren und dann mit dem standard safe setup anfangen
Sep 28, 2010
I've just tried racing the 911 around Silverstone and WOW, even on the safe default setup, it's massively prone to snap oversteer. I had quite a few epic catches in the last race, and the default setup goes from massive understeer to snap oversteer - particularly if you have even the smallest amount of lock on when you begin to turn while braking, or downshifting, from speed.

Don't know whether it's an attempt to emulate the Porsche shiftlocking on downshift (surely not, in a car that good with all that rear aero...) or whether it's just bad default setup, but it sure does make life interesting!
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