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PC Any PC US clubs starting?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Getrag, May 14, 2015.

  1. Getrag


    I'm guessing there are internal discussions about clubs races for PC version for US time zone?
    If so, what are some of the classes and tracks that we might see soon? I would like to work on a few tracks at a time so I can get to know them very well. Same goes with car classes.

    Might be too early on to be able to answer the question, but thought I'd at least ask.
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  2. Russell Sobie

    Russell Sobie

    I would be interested in a US Club for pCars as well. I participated (as a last minute entry) in the server stress test and with 30 cars on the grid, I didn't see any problems with stability, even with people from all over the globe participating... at least once we all got up and running, which took some doing.

    In the league section Bram started an interest thread in a full on endurance series, but my guess is that it'll be Euro-based as far as race times. Also looks like without driver swaps it'll be a pass on even THAT getting started.

    Personally I'd like to see pretty much any car/track combo. I get the most fun out of online racing by 1) getting a few days notice on car/track combo and preparing, then 2) comparing my limited preparation with other sane racers, preferably late enough in the evening that I have time to get home from work to participate. Like starting at between 19 and 21:00GMT to or so.

    AC club races in the US seem to have pretty much petered out. :(
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  3. SwaggerJacker


    I would be very interested in a US club as well.
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