Any other CSL Elite users have settings advice?

It's all subjective, I prefer light FFB while being able to feel all the subtle forces.
Here are my settings...

SEN: Auto
FF: 75
SHO: 0
ABS: 0
FOR: 50
SPR: 30
DPR: 0
FEI: 0
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Tardy Tony

Surrey, UK
SHO and ABS are for ClubSport Wheels and Pedals and set according me to your preferred brake feedback.

FEI, I found 50 to be best all round. Zero makes the feedback too rubbery and vague for me. 60-70 works well if you don't mind the extra little bit of noise from the wheel.

SPR and DPR. As far as I can make out, these only limit whatever such settings you have in the sim. So if you have not specced spring or damper forces in the sim then these make no difference at all.

FF. Best set to 100 and limit force in the I read.
FOR. I set to between 100 and 120 depending on the sim. Not really been able to detect anything negative from setting >100.

DRI. This has to be OFF IMHO, anything else corrupts the input. You can see the effect of this will just the wheel powered up. Try spinning the wheel with the full range. Positive numbers make the steering unstable and negative make it feel like sludge.