Any Offroaders or Overlanders?

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    Last year I decided to trade in my 2010 Audi A4 S-Line Avante for a 2015 Jeep jku for several reasons.....
    Family has grown to 4
    140 lb American bulldog which is the size of a small cow
    and well because arctic dust pit that lives in winter conditions nearly 10 months of the year, and has the worst roads and snow removal in Canada so a tank is needed to conquer these elements lol
    And we decided that we wanted to explore our beautiful backyard of the Canadian Rockies more
    It was hard to let the Audi go, as I absolutely loved everything about it minus the maintenance cost but it needed to be done. Being a Mopar fan and having a hell of a discount through work on Chrysler products we found the Jeep JKU would fit our family and exploring needs.
    Overall impressions and feedback of the Jeep.....

    Worst handling road vehicle ever!...on windy days it's like trying to control a kite in a hurricane
    Terrible on gas
    High insurance rates

    When modified properly they can look bad ass! Tons of mods available on the market
    one of the best resale values
    Nothing beats driving around the city or cottage country on a hot day with the roof and doors off!
    It will conquer any situation you put in front of it......except street racing and going fast

    Shortly after buying the Jeep I found some other Jeepers who introduced me to off-roading and over landing....after my first trail run I knew I was hooked and the modding began.

    The stock Jeep Jk is nothing flattering....looks like a filing cabinet on wheels with a garbage can sized exhaust hanging out the back, leather seats that fit 5, nav and a decent size boot so I knew I had to give this ride some personality.

    Suspension upgrades:
    Teraflex 2.5" lift
    Teraflex Sport lower control arms
    Teraflex HD steering stabilizer
    Bilstein 5100 shocks
    Widened the axel width by 4"
    18' HD matte black rims with 33" Goodyear Duratracs
    Under the hood:
    Mopar CAI intake
    Dynomax offroad exhaust
    Superchips F5 flashpaq tune
    Trucklite LED headlights
    x2 4" windshield spot lights
    interior led light swap
    Rubicon rock rails

    Future planned upgrades:
    Regear to 4.21
    roof rack
    Pedal commander
    hidden winch on stock bumper
    and if i win the lottery......super charged lol

    My goal with this build is to make it look semi stock while giving it a beefy look, have good road handling characteristics, a little more UMPH and a suspension that's capable of taking me into the the back country to fish and camp while under load..........It's NOT a Rock Crawler!
    Some pictures from last winter
    I have 3 future road trips I would like to do, The Alaskan Highway, The continental divide to the Mexico/US boarder and the BC/Oregan coast.

    Anyone got any builds in progress or trips planned?
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  2. Kurupt CDN

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    @Bram would you mind moving this to the car talk forum where i should have put it in the first place :)
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    Nice Jeep! im not a offroader, im a street performance guy but i do like your vehicle. I did not like the YJ/TJ models but your genetation models are nice.
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