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  1. jimortality


    Is it just the Sunday race club for this or is there anything else planned?

  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
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    Hi Jim, Well there have been racing ( V8's and open wheelers ) available every night of the week.
    Its quite simple really, if nobody want to race or guys don't use the servers the event don't happen.:(

    The sad thing is that there is a update coming out very soon and if we leave it as it is and don't post any events , we will have guys asking why we don't have races, the fact that the servers have been almost dead for the last month will not be taken in to account and it will be seen as not supporting one of the best sims out there. When in fact its the lack of use of the servers by the drivers that have caused this.
    As staff, we all work hard on the forums answering questions and trying to generate interest in each sim. But we can only do so much, its down to the drivers to do there part as well.

    I would hate to think that we loose the sim from our servers, but if drivers dont use it this will happen..:(
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