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Any legit reason to buy a ultrawide when I have a 65"

Hi guys, I got a 65" Samsung TV Q60R. Its a 4k 60hz TV and It can do 120hz at 1440p and has input lag of around 6ms.

Using a fov calculator and having distance from screen at 50cm, I get a higher fov than I would with an 34" ultrawide.

Is there a reason for me to get an ultrawide?
Gigabyte makes a card (Aorus Xtreme 3090) with 3 HDMI ports, but only 2 of them are 2.1 and the 3rd is 2.0. That just means you can't run 4K 120Hz VRR since DP to HDMI adapters can't pass the Gsync connection.

With my triple LG CX48 OLED setup I'm running the center screen on the HDMI port and the L & R sides on DP to HDMI (club3d cac-1080 adapters, the cac-1085 are glitchy). I'm also running all 3 in 1440p. So this means a 3 port HDMI card is unnecessary to run modern screens as long as you're only Gsyncing the center screen and all are 1440p. Still the absolute best sim racing experience I've had and that's comparing to every decent VR headset and several triples of different sizes, types, etc....

Since I have a few different sim rigs I'm looking to grab 3 Aorus fo48u's since they're basically the LG CX48 but with the addition of DP 1.4 inputs. I'm also considering the Varjo VR-3, but although it might be the best VR headset to date it still has the discomfort drawbacks.
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