Any (file) modders (or regular people) who want to help me out here


I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened

I've got a question.

i'm trying to make a DD2 Kart for GSCE for personal use. ( a DD2 kart is a kart with 2 gears)
but i wan't to have the chassis, physics, body, etc from the Original Reiza 125cc Shifter kart.
i've tried some things already but i couldn't find out how it works.

So with i am basicly saying here .

i wan't a modified 125cc Shifter Kart so it has 2 gears but i still want to have to Original 6 speed Shifter kart in the game.

If this makes any sense to you than please help me :0

(I'm not asking for a mod just some help)

Hope you can help me out here.



I'm 100% sure that your idea is not permitted by reiza though, the files are encypted for a reason.
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