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Any alternatives to fix Windshield bug using CSP


in short - using CSP provides the known weird windshield bug. Don`t know how to describe - the windshield looks like crispy in motion and everything around looks like do not fit into the picture.

It occurs mostly using older car mods, but also the kunos countach or the newest Guerilla GT4 cars vers. 0.83

I know 2 ways of fixing it, but can`t use them :

First is to disable the TAA in CSP extra.fx
But thats no option for me, because for me the CSP-TAA is THE best feature. Without it the game looks horrible again to me.

Second is editing some kn5 files, what for i believe CM is needed, which i don`t use.

So the question is - do someone know another way(s) of fixing this bug?

Appriciate any help.