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Any advice on FFB settings for t500rs


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Jan 13, 2014
After trying with the default settings it seemed very badly set up for my wheel, steering force was at 170% and made it feel like the car was a lot heavier than it should be, i turned this down to as low as 40% which got me a better wheel weight but also didnt offer much in feedback.

edit: on a side note, is there a way to change the FOV, i cant seem to find it if it exists.


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Aug 7, 2013
Can't comment on the wheel, but concerning the FoV - yep, that's possible in the menu, should be under "Options > Visual Settings > Environment" or something like that :)
Alternatively, you could also press Ctrl + Left Mousebutton and then move the mouse to adjust it mid-game. (not to be confused with the seat position adjustment, that's via left mousebutton only ;))


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Dec 13, 2008
Here is my controlset for the T500. Only need to re-map the wheel/ pedals.
540 degrees and 23 lock in the car set up -60/100/100/0/0 in the driver.


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