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Any advice for ButtKicker Gamer 2 / Assetto Corsa / SimVibe

i finally have purchased a single ButtKicker Gamer 2, properly installed under my Simetik K2 Cockpit.

Also, i purchased SimVibe / SimCommander (and also, downloaded SimHub).

Any particular advice for a good set up for Assetto Corsa and ACC, too?
Anything would be extremely appreciated. If you could take time to send me detailed instructions, it would be fantastic. Or even links to specific forums, videos or pages if you know something really useful.

Thx guys.

I also recently bought the Buttkicker Gamer 2, I started with simhub, but have moved on to Simshaker wheels which imo feels better, easier to set up and for me gives nicer results. Most probably could achieve the same with simhub, but I didnt have much luck with fine tuning.

Mr Latte

Firstly welcome to tactile.

Simhub is by FAR the best program to now use. It has some amazing new features and possibilities not possible on other options. Also the level of options for effects brings more creativity and control. SSW had some nice potential with the ability to build unique wav files. Its user interface is ideal for beginners as it is a clean and simple software to use. Though for more advanced installations and people wanting more control over how the effects operate this is where it falls short.

Yes it takes some time dialing in settings and having an idea on how audio works and also that of bass frequencies helps. I tried to get a thread going about it on these forums to have people chat about it, discuss settings and hardly anyone bothered.

These forums are full of people that have tactile or tactile related posts. Search and you will find stuff but what you won't likely find is people going out of their way to share with you settings they use or profiles they have.

I even tried to also share with people what I found was an amazing new way to use multiple small exciters to place specific effects to individual units and these combine with larger BK units if desired. Multiple body regions and units is the way to go the potential is awesome.

Different installations can require different settings.
Much of it comes down to the units used, how and where they are installed and then what amplification is being used and the users own preferences.

These are just some of the factors with tactile, it can take time to learn how to enjoy it and configure it how it suits each user.
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Thank you both Robert Bachmayer and Mr Latte (funny nick, btw!).

I'm trying to test simvibe, simshaker and simhub...

1) Using these softwares, am i 100% sure to get audio inputs to the Buttkicker from the games telemetry?

2) I am experiencing some issues in finding the right combos in the audio device setups and assignment, since i also use VR (oculus)... and though i'm not suppose to need it, i am also considering to install a second audio-card.
Sometimes i hear the wrong audio in the oculus headphones (kind of a subwoofer bass sound).
Also, i get that i have to manually increase the + button on the Buttkicker amp, but it doesn't indicate the level (e.g. 0, 1, 2 ...) so i need to adjust it just by sensation, which is not a hundred per cent user friendly.
I do apologize if my doubts seems stupid, but these are my first days into this new world.

Mr Latte

Ive not used Simvibe in nearly a year and close to that again for SSW.
Simhub has a wiki page (see bottom right on app) and its rather easy to get up and running.

You set one soundcard or device as your "primary audio"
This the sound/audio you hear for speakers etc

Then another soundcard for the tactile software to use.
This in your case goes to the BK amp for the bass frequencies generated from the telemetry effects.

I have been working just recently on specific layers within a profile that will be good for beginners and testing. It includes using engine RPM for a frequency sweep and Gearchanges for testing different frequencies. This would let a user help learn how different frequencies feel and also helping with setting volume levels and what frequencies the tactile they have work well with and those they do not output so well.

Of course Its still good to just play around with effects but any effect in the 40-80Hz range will produce decent vibrations you will feel. You can go above/below this but thats a good place to start for effects. Someone at the Discord channel for Simhub may already own BK Gamer and will share with you.
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