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Anti-Aliasing in DLC's

I just downloaded Goodwood and the Lotus Cortina (great combo!) and the Anti-Aliasing is bad. I'm new to RF2 but the few other sessions I've run I didn't even notice it.

I can bump up the AA some more (and make it cloudier?) but wondering if there is something specific I should be doing to reduce AA on DLC like Goodwood?

I'm using a Rift S with a decent computer.

There are 2 sets of adjusters for rfactor2.

The 1st is accessible from the main steam console. When you click on the big green play button, it gives 3 options. The option your looking for is graphics config.

The 2nd set is accessible with in rFactor2 in the setup section.

Have a play around with the settings, see if there's anything you like