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Another Road America setup for an entirely different Corvette C8.R

No sooner had I posted my setup for CSR2's ver of the Corvette C8.R (elsewhere on this page) when I was made aware of an acf (AC Friends) ver of the Corvette C8.R. The acf ver is fractionally faster (thanks to higher grip levels), has better road feel, more skins, more tire-compound choices, less felicitous gear choices and a worse exhaust 'note' (easily fixed by swapping the sounds from CSR2's C8.R with Content Manager). Ten-lap race setup.

Why I test at Elkhart Lake. 1. It doesn't have any stupidly slow hairpins or chicanes, which interfere with repeatability...at least the way I drive. Spa would be ideal for testing if it weren't for that ugly, contorted chicane at the end of the lap. 2. The Carousel. Unlike the Nordschleife's Karusel (tight and lumpy), RA's Carousel is the closest thing you'll find to a high-speed, steady-state skid pad (or 'pan' as they call it in Blighty). It will give you an indication of absolute grip, with numbers you can compare, car-to-car and setup-to-setup (anything under 100 mph = pokey; anything over = speedy). 3. The Kink. The scariest turn in North America. Little cars will barely notice it, but big cars will make or break a decent lap-time depending on whether your setup will allow you to take it flat out. Or not.


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