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Another Friday Mini Endurance night?

David Garcia

May 3, 2007

What about having a new Mini Endurance Race next friday?

It was very cool expeience last friday.

My idea is, 60 minutes race at Adria, with changeable weather again.

Thanks! :thumb:

Edward Leake

I too would love another mini enduro, it was brilliant (even though I ran out of fuel after 33 minutes)! :D

Edward Leake

Thanks for doing this David, hopefully the server is available this friday! :)

Kris Leeten

Nov 17, 2007
Can't we have a little topic where future events/leagues can be discussed? I find it a bit strange we need to PM the responsible in case we think of an event. As you are asking more participation and involvement from the Race-club members, why can't we post suggestions in this new topic, brainstorm for a while and afterwards send a PM to the Club responsible. Not every event/league needs to be discussed over here (we would never race again....;-) ) but this way more people are actively involved in the RaceClub.

Just an idea/proposal - Keep up the (very) good work!