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    Steve Lambert
    I hate not getting pole

    Thought I would start this topic for those of you who have not heard of or don't really know what they can do.

    First of all there are many android TV boxes on the market. Some the size of USB sticks that plug into the HDMI slot on your TV.

    I use this one:

    If anyone has questions I will be glad to help. Have had mine for quite a few months now and to be honest it's pretty damn good. Watch all the latest movies through XBMC, BBCI, youtube, surf the web and all the apps from play store. I purchased mine off Ebay and the prices have come right down and you can pick one up for £60 if you look around. Minix release frequent firmware updates and the latest release is Android 4.2.2. But there are loads of custom ROMS that you can flash the device with.

    I use it with a Measy RCII air mouse but there are loads of other controllers out there. The remote that comes as standard is about as useful as a candy floss door knocker.

    Anyway hope it's useful.