An rFactor vs GTR Evo comparison image I made

I've recently seen some guys here saying that rFactor has better graphics than GTR Evo. Imo, it doesn't.

Take a look at it.

What do you think ?

Ivo Simons

Depends offcourse wich mods you use.
New mods look way better then the mods from 2007/or the default stuff you used. :)
Awell i am a simracer if i want to play with nice graphics i will play Forza. :)

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
I really dont understand that argument Ivo. I read that on so many blogs also. Why can't simracing games have good gfx? Or why is it not important?

Ivo Simons

Its offcourse important to have good GFX for the sense of speed and everything. But it doesnt have to be the best imo
Because if they want to get every pixel right on the car. You will see the negative results back in the Physics. See Forza.
Sorry but you can't do a comparison saying "please ignore the different car mods" ... because rFactor is a game from 2005 and it must be compared with current mods. Same with the tracks, put one like Mid Ohio and try to do again the comparison ...

And also the "Increased real-eye field of view" in the GTR Evo picture ... you can change it too in rFactor, so it's the same. And you can put that helmet view in rFactor via plugin if i'm not wrong.

Ondrej Kapal

This is like to compare women, everyone seems to be nicer another and rFactor's graphic can give me much better feelings when racing (even though that its cockpit is very... em, cold, but who cares about wheel when you have turned it off? :D)

Marcel Offermans

Studio 397
Another thing that complicates the comparison is that rFactor supports day to night transitions and renders the track and shadows according to the time of day. That means it cannot use "pre baked" lighting like GTR Evo can.
I'm afraid the comparison pictures are not adequate enough, when you consider rFactor is designed for modding and RACE is a big 'mod' of rFactor. Better would be to compare mods.....

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Sorry but you can't do a comparison saying "please ignore the different car mods" ... because rFactor is a game from 2005 and it must be compared with current mods.
I would say that ISI had plenty of time to patch it in the last 5 years to bring it up to par with other games but the only did it only once (or was it twice?).

My game says 2007 for rFactor and RACE 07 was released in 2007 as well. Pretty equal :)
everybody talking about graphics...if you want graphics go for arcades (which is for pussies) ...the real question here is how simulators respond compared to real life. and i've tried both rFactor and GTR evo and i personally believe GTR brings more life-like behavoir although simulators are still far away from real racing. i say stop putting all efforts in the graphics and start working hard on the physics, but that's never going to happen since main stream customers ask for mind-blowing graphics and cool crashes and they dont mind about the physics
For me, the descriptions in the pictures did not match what i was seeing, also in Rfactor the quality of the graphics is heavily based on the quality of the car/track models, the Bmw Sauber F1 car is amazingly well done in Rfactor. Both games have weak graphics in comparison with the standard of today, but both are fine for me as i don't play games for the graphics.


I prefer both titles since they include free camera in replays so I can take screenshots :p
Indeed there aren't so many mods for GTR Evo as for rFactor but both titles have got their magic.
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