An Englishman, A South African And Some Race Cars... Wild Times In Virtual Racing

I've had myself a rather spectacular few days of new experiences and exceptional racing this week, and it all comes to a head this evening with two races at the Nürburgring in the G2 Racing Series Powered by Trueforce.
  • G2 Racing Series Powered by Trueforce final today.
  • 20 drivers fight it out to take overall honours.
  • How to watch and win.
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I love motorsport. I love virtual motorsport. I love talking about these things, getting excited as people do stuff on the circuit I'm not capable of doing myself, and sharing these experiences with you, our epic sim racing community. Thanks to our friends at G2 Esports, Logitech and BMW, I've had the opportunity to once again lock myself in the virtual commentary booth to talk over a bunch of exceptional races in the G2 Racing Series Powered by Trueforce, joining together with my friend George Smith to call the action on what has been a bunch of exceptional events in this short, sharp and fierce new esport series.

G2 Esport Racing Series | Watch The Final 19.30 UTC / 20:30 CET: click here.

We live in wonderful times, thanks to the power of the internet and an increasing interest in our very own virtual hobby, we've had a bunch of exciting esport activities taking place in recent months. I'm more than aware I'm a lucky boy to be involved in some of these - and it's been exceptional fun! Stressful not being on site - it's still surreal to be commentating in my own sim racing room, but fun without any shadow of a doubt.

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G2 Esport Racing Series | Semi Final One: Check it out again click here.

Recently I've picked up the microphone for the new G2 Racing Series Powered by Trueforce alongside Race Club International's George Smith, and together we've had the good fortune to call the action over some really rather intense races in the spec GT3 BMW - and now the day has come, the final calling is here, the talking stops and the driving starts... it's FINALS DAY!

G2 Esport Racing Series | Semi Final Two: Check it out again click here.

So, you get the idea then... I'm excited. I'm always excited to be fair, so that's not really anything new, but why should you be excited I hear you ask? Well, apart from being psyched on my behalf and wanting to come join in the action to support George and myself on comms :)) the racing itself has been exceptional this season. We've had hard and close fights in the first semi-final events, we've had crashes, we've had strategy and pretty much everything in between. It really has been awesome, and now we've pulled together the fastest 20 racers from the series, it really is all about to kick off across two very intense winner takes all events.... what's not to like?

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This is the easy bit. Both races will be aired exclusively on the G2 Esports Twitch channel from 19.30 UTC 20:30 CET this evening. A short introduction, straight into qualifying and then two races back-to-back await the viewers - and at just 20 minutes per race with a mandatory pitstop, the racing is guaranteed to be intense.

The drivers taking part in finals day are a mix of the top 10 championship finishers from both Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2 - meaning we've got 20 of the most race proven competitors going into battle for the final time of this new series.

Semi Final 1 winners Ivan Shermetinski and Attilla Dencs will be joined by Semi Final 2 counterparts Alberto Garcia and Luca Waidelich as they look to prove their respective pace can be repeated in Germany, with a further 16 drivers looking to take up the challenge at the front of the field - we can only have one winner, so get ready for two highly charged races ahead...

Thanks once again to the generosity of our series sponsors Logitech, our audience also have a great opportunity to take home something exceptional during this final race meeting. Yes, we've got a Logitech PRO X Gaming Headset to giveaway for one lucky viewer! Tune into the broadcast tonight to find out how you can be in with a shout of winning this awesome piece of hardware - no purchase necessary!

All in all, this has been an exceptional experience to be involved with from my side, and I sincerely hope the viewers at home have enjoyed our broadcasts just as much as we've enjoyed bringing them to you. Tune in for one final shout this evening, and let's enjoy some quality esport racing action.

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Jul 24, 2017
ACC need to introduce timing screens which updates immediately so people watching a live stream (and those commentating on it) know what positions everyone is in. It just makes it frustrating to watch.