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AMS2 on Simracing.gp

I would love to know when AMS2 will be available on simracing.gp ? I used to be in the RD AMS2 RACING CLUB,but Ross (acidburn) stopped hosting it.
AMS2 in my opinion really needs a race platform like simracingGP to help get the numbers up and get some decent clean like minded drivers.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Got no more info to share at this point than what we have disclosed before. The infamous "coming soon"

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Got no more info to share at this point than what we have disclosed before. The infamous "coming soon"

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Agreed in regards to AMS2, this has a ton of potential and should be perfect platform for eSports. Tons of variety with more to come. Biggest knock against this title is the lack of online but that should be moot when added to SGP. Is the plan still to eventually add it or is there some development goal that you want the developer to hit in order to consider adding the title?
AMS2 is getting better by the day....Have you checked some of the servers listed under "Multiplyer"? Are they any good ?
Problem is, that AMS2 offers good but too few cars in the currently most popular series like GT3. And there it is hard to compete against established and very popular sims like ACC, let alone iRacing....

It's strength is currently imho it's Formula series. Especially the F3 and the historical V10 Gen2, for which you can get at least real liveries for certain seasons ( thanks to skinners ! ).

Reiza's own Formulas, like Ultimate, or some other historicals offer great fun and driving.
. New tyre/physics/FFB model, excellent Graphicsengine and laserscanned tracks, as well as a sound on par with raceroom coupled with real weather and the all new custom championship editor make up for a great sim- racing experience.

However, the lack of online presence and an AI still in dev-stage with, sometimes weird, actions, dampen the enthusiasm a but forvthe time being.

However, I do not regret having purchased the 2022 season pass and they continue to roll out improvements and upgrades every month. For me, if they would offer a couple more of the important racetracks and more organised online presence , AMS2 will soon overtake the place held by rFactor2 currently.