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AMS Updated, Hockenheim and Formula Ultimate Released

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, May 27, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Automobilsta Formula Extreme.jpg
    Automobilista has today received a sizable update and the new Formula Ultimate race car, plus Reiza Studios have made available the third 'Legendary Tracks' DLC - Hockenheim.

    Included as part of the build 1.40 release comes the brand new 2017 specification 1000hp open wheel formula car designed by Reiza Studios. Mirroring a modern day Grand Prix racing car, the new Formula Ultimate shoots it's way to the top of the performance pile in Automobilista as the quickest open wheel racer within the game, joining various other Reiza designed formula cars from a multitude of eras from the sport. Rather generously of Reiza, the Formula Extreme has been added to the game as part of the new build update and attracts no additional cost.

    Legendary Tracks DLC 3 - Hockenheim

    Recreating the legendary Hockenheimring from four different decades, this new DLC brings detailed versions of the track as used for the 1977, 1988, 2001 and 2016 seasons. With long powerful straight blasts through the German forests digitally recreated for this DLC, Hockenheim should prove to be a perfect playground for some of the historic machinery already in the game.

    Furthermore the new DLC comes with the modern National, Short A and Short B variants of the track plus an upcoming Rallycross layout that should be added to the game in due course.

    The Hockenheim Legendary Tracks DLC can be purchased from the Steam store page for £5.99 or free for Season Pass or Beta Backer owners.

    With both the Formula Ultimate and new Hockenheim DLC pack fans would be forgiven for thinking that would be enough for this month, however alongside these two new pieces of content comes a considerable update change log as the simulation moves to public version 1.40. With many fixes and improvements deployed throughout the software several areas immediately stand out as major causes for excitement amongst fans of the title.

    At long last a custom championship season tool has been developed for the simulation, now allowing players to create their own offline championships and choosing cars, tracks and rule combinations set to their own specifications. This opportunity has existed in various forms previously, either via file editing or third party mods, however the new official implementation should go a long way towards extending the playing time of the game for racers who wish to have a fleshed out offline racing experience.

    Other highlights include several revisions to the game AI and new 2017 layout alterations to Interlagos, Montreal, Kansai, Spielberg & Hockenheim that now feature updated tyre compound rules & DRS zones.

    Build 1.40 Change Log

    • Added Hockenheimring (1977, 1988, 2001 and 2016, along with extra modern layouts - the Rallycross layout will be added shortly) (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR HOCKENHEIM OR SEASON PASS OWNERS)
    • Added F-Ultimate series


    • Added Custom Season Tool (available as a launch option on Steam) *


    • Fixed bug with AA setting not saving in AMS Config
    • Downscaled series icons in main menu series selection by 20% & changed layout from 3 x 7 to 3 x 8;
    • Added new Main Menu ordering parameter to SRS files & re-ordered positions for F-Ultimate & Lancer Cup Series
    • Various minor UI fixes & adjustments
    • Adjusted orientation rate in all cockpit cameras to better absorb track oscillations vs the horizon
    • Updated all helmet shaders to be same as the one used for car paint
    • Fixed bug in roadnoise replay saving (fixing potential CTD)
    • Added new driver model & new customized suits & gloves to all vehicles
    • Added configuration option to all vehicles for visible driver arms in cockpit view **
    • Fixed bug with radio spotter announcing final lap one lap ahead of time in timed races
    • Fixed error in fog logic which could cause fog to appear in cockpit
    • Added function to discard next lap in Time Trial mode if track limits are abused in the preceding lap
    • Fixed bug that could cause FFB to be lost if instant replay command was hit during a multiplayer event
    • Globally increased lowest LOD from 500 meters to 600m

    • All audio files resampled to 44.1kHz (decreasing files size / cpu / memory usage)
    • increased max simultaneous sounds from 32 to 64
    • polished loops and pops in several audio files
    • Introduced advanced audio filters for external cameras
    • Added cockpit muffling for closed cockpit cars
    • Opponents volume setting is no longer effective for trackside cameras (all cars same volume)
    • Enhanced replay of surface sounds (roadnoise, dirt, curbs)
    • Added new options to Audio menu for master volume, trackside volume, Audio PostFX levels & button to restore default audio settings
    • Minor adjustments to audio samples on Ultima Race, F-V12, F-Trainer
    • Reset volume multipliers on all cameras to address volume inconsistencies

    • Added function to stop AI from refuelling during pitstops in all series where that is forbidden - only series that allow AI to refuel now are StockV8, SuperV8, F-V12, F-V10, Metalmoro, Boxer Cup & All Cars / Tracks; for custom long distance events with any of the other series where AI would need to refuel, user should run All Cars / Tracks; likewise for proper AI race strategy with non-refuelling series running close to their default full distance, user should use the respective series instead of All Cars / Tracks
    • Added function for AI to partially lift off the throttle when receiving a blue flag - their cooperation is now a function of "Courtesy" value in driver RCD files, and thus will vary from driver to driver and from series to series; they will generally be equally cooperative in practice / quali, in races they will be more cooperative in high profile series compared to smaller / historical ones
    • Added function for AI to coast to the pits after checkered flag (rather than racing on at full speed)
    • Added function for AI to slightly lift during in and out laps in practice / quali
    • Added function for AI to lift back to the pits when car has substantial aerodynamic damage
    • Added function to prevent AI from lurching to the side on starts & generally improved their composure through the first corner
    • Adjusted AI awareness to get them to hesitate less when trying to overtake another car in a straight (very minor adjustment for now to avoid side effects)
    • Revised AI tire wear functions & added custom pit thresholds for every tire compound in every car to minimise issues with AI needlessly stopping for tires
    • Added AI function to stop them from pitting for tires in last 10 minutes of a race - even if they cross their tire wear threshold they will soldier on for the remaining distance rather than doing a costly late-race pitstop
    • Customized AI throttle functions at race start to a realistic behavior for each series
    • Changed AI reaction time to green lights so it´s no longer instantaneous but within a more human range of 0.1s-1.0s
    • Added new TireManagement & AIStartSkill to driver RCD files - the lower the first value, the more the AI will wear its tires; the lower the 2nd value the more chance AI driver will bog down at the start
    • Globally upscaled Composure, Aggression, Crash & MinimumRacingSkill in driver talent files
    • Doubled max AI to AI collision rate from 40 to 80 (needs setting from PLR file)
    • Adjusted base Safety Car speeds for various series to more compatible levels
    • Added a randomization function to Opponent filter gizmo when running a multiclass event with a specific class count (where before it would just load the same cars for each class in team order)
    • Added config overrides to search correct driver talent folders (fixing bug with drivers present in multiple series occasionally loading the wrong file and misperforming as a result) ***
    • Upscaled AI aggression ranges (max setting is now double what it was before, with lower settings adjusted to suit)
    • Various AI physics adjustments to improve their racing ability and line adherence
    • Generally increased AI reaction to front tire slip
    • Adjusted AI brake performance for all cars
    • Adjusted AI fuel strategy so they don´t pit on the very first lap it gets on low fuel range
    • Updated AI performance ranges for several tracks
    • Adjusted AI spring / damper multipliers on stiffer cars to further reduce AI jittering over sawtooth curbs

    • Revised tire wear functions for several cars
    • Revised fuel consumption & estimates for several cars
    • Globally raised undertray friction to minimise advantages of unrealistically low setups in some cars
    • Adjusted default setups for low downforce configs in Formula cars
    • Reduced default suspension packer settings in several cars
    • Added speed limiter to MCR2000, Ultima GTR Race
    • Adjusted engine wear / reliability ranges on soem cars

    • Added new 2017 GP layouts to Interlagos, Montreal, Kansai, Spielberg & Hockenheim featuring updated tire compound rules & DRS zones
    • Roughened up flat curbs at Taruma, Londrina
    • Spielberg: Fixed fuel use range causing excessive fuel consumption for player & AI
    • Oulton: Adjusted AI line through chicane so AI don´t clip high curb
    • Brasilia: Fixed cars going into the pits in rolling starts
    • StockV8: Corrected max opponents; Corrected & added missing talent files: fixed LCD laptime info
    • Montana: Fixed max opponents
    • F-V12: Adjusted ride height ranges, increased rake in default setup
    • Mini: Fixed auto-shifting bug; minor adjustment to external sound loops
    • Boxer Cup: Updated rear brake light; Updated cockpit materials & textures; added configuration option to install / remove rear view camera display
    • Karts: Updated skin alphas to suit latest car shader
    • F-Vee: Adjusted AI performance
    • ARC Camaro: Fixed reflection bug in cockpit gauges
    • F-Vintage: Adjusted longitudinal CoF for front tires; tweaked AI performance
    • F-Extreme: Completely revised drivetrain physics including new ERS throttle map; revised default setup; Updated V6 Hybrid engine sounds
    • F-V10: Adjusted TC sound
    • F3: Reduced aero loss in draft
    • SuperV8: Fixed pit timings to realistic values

    * The Custom Season Tool should be fairly intuitive to use - run the tool, select a series you wish to create a custom championship for, customize the calendar from all available track layouts, set up the scoring system (including option for separate points for multiple heat results, pole position, laps led), some basic rules and then save when you´re satisfied - your custom championship will then be listed in Championship mode for the series it was based on, and you can further customize it with the usual championship options in-game (opponent cars, opponent strength, race distance, number of heats, quali, tire / wear multipliers etc).

    ** Since arms are added as objects rather than 3D animation, they´re not articulated nor do they have gear shifting animations; for the same reason steering wheel rotation animation is limited to 90º in each direction when driver arms are installed; in some cars, driver arms configuration is merged with seat position and / or cockpit type; Most cars have visible driver arms from external view irrespective of whether cockpit configuration is used or not - exception being vehicles where this solution was not considered to look acceptable - specifically karts and Formula Truck do not feature driver arms.

    *** In case of series with drivers featuring in multiple categories (ex Barrichello who is a driver in V10, StockV8, Kart) in order to get the series-correct team / driver performance, tire wear and start skill, user is advised to select the specific series rather than All Cars / Tracks.


    If you have an online race tonight, you may stick to or revert to the previous v1.3.7 by selecting that branch from the Steam Beta tab. Further instructions as to how to do that here.

    If you have a bug to report please use the new bug report thread (make sure to check the opening post first).

    If you experience any issues running the game following the update, it´s worth running a Steam Integrity Check to make sure all files have been added / updated correctly.

    For further difficulties related to installing, running or setting up the game, please refer to USER MANUAL present as a launch option from Steam If you need further assistance please post it inV1.0 troubleshooting topic or email support@reizastudios.com (please allow for up to 1 business day for a reply).

    Automobilista is a PC exclusive racing simulation from Reiza Studios, available to purchase from Steam.

    Don't forget to check out the Automobilista sub forum here at RaceDepartment to keep abreast of the latest news and discussions with regards to the simulation. We have a massive mod database where you can check out and download a selection of cars, tracks, skins, apps and other such third party content, plus of course we host some incredible club racing events on a regular weekly basis. If you want to become involved in the action yourself, check out the Automobilista Racing Clubs and Leagues sub forum and sign yourself up to a race today!

    Have you tried the new update? What do you think of the Formula Ultimate? Let us know in the comments section below!
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
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  2. Jockey


    Automobilista the AI patch.

    I like it a lot.
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  3. GP20


    Yes, with AC i think this is the end of the AI that borks your race.

    By the way, i tried the oculus and of course steam supersampling.
    By surprise i found that steam supersampling is applied too if you don't use vr, you have a new resolution available and with 2.0 MultiplierTarget AMS looks really better.
    I recommand to use steam supersampling with all your racing games.
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
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  4. Jockey


    How do you use this steam supersampling? Never heard of it before.
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  5. osyres


    Does anyone know news about reiza 2017 the new game ? Look like it will be called reiza 2020 ......
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  6. Yapci


    Definitely looks late to the game to be release this year. They haven't even give us any teasers. Not even word teasers...
  7. Angelo dos Santos

    Angelo dos Santos

    Tested Formula Retrôs and Vintages at Hockehnheim 77...didnt saw anything different with the AI.
    They still dont overtake, still lifting on the big straights and completely unwilling to do a move.

    I love AMS, to me is the best plataform, best physics, best cars...provides the best online races...but the AI today is miles and miles behind AC and specially rF2.
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  8. Emery


    All the variations of Hockenheim are super! Just wish a '60s version was included even though F1 didn't run there in the '60s.
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  9. Vojko Music

    Vojko Music

    Added configuration option to all vehicles for visible driver arms in cockpit view **

    Where can I set this? oO
  10. John-Eric Saxén

    John-Eric Saxén

    IMO doesn't need a new game if they continue providing improvements at this rate. Cheaper for everyone as well :).
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  11. ShredatorFIN


    From car showroom --> Install. Like you would be installing aero packs or different wheel. Kinda odd place, but it's there.
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  12. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill

    At the risk of sounding fanboyish, remind me again how this *isn't* the sim we've all been waiting for?
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  13. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports Premium

    They have done an excellent job with this title no doubt.....remind you how this isint the sim weve all been waiting for?
    Old engine, dx9, no weather, no 3d track side animations, no online ranking system, decent ai and sound, no modern licensed gts its a juiced up rfactor with empty servers during north american evenings .....the sim i am waiting for is reiza 17 and all its new features and goodies :)
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
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  14. Davy Vandevenne

    Davy Vandevenne
    Executive Producer Video Content Staff Premium

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  15. TrumpetReich


    Wow. I've always loved the open wheelers in this game, but this is just incredible. The feel and feedback of this is amazing. You can really feel the grip of the massive tyres and save it when it starts to squirm.
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  16. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports Premium

    Track and video look great! Tho i cant help but notice the slightly excessive amount of Reiza product banners through out the track :)
  17. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker.

    It looks damn good. But all my mods including tracks and car skins have ceased to work. Ah well, the price of progression. :thumbsup:
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  18. Eric Rowland

    Eric Rowland

    In Neils we trust.....
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  19. Phil Etty

    Phil Etty

    Nice to see a custom championship creator, even if it just does what could be done by editing the SRS file.
    What I was hoping for was something that also allowed for adjusting the order of additional heats instead of the default complete reverse grid, eg finishing order of race 1,or fastest lap times from race 1 etc. Anyone know of a way that can be done?
  20. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I've been waiting to set my own race series up for ages. I'm chuffed to bits with the update. The F ultimate is a blast to drive and forgives some of my dodgy apex's.