AMS loading vehicles from specific folders only?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by BeatBite, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. BeatBite


    Hello everyone!

    I was just started modding the Formula V10 to have real names and liveries etc. and ran into an problem:
    AMS only seems to load vehicles from specific folders.
    Before I started working on the mod I duplicated the F_V10 vehicle Folder and renamed it to F_V10_2002_Season.
    But even after changing Team, Class, Category parameters etc. in the mod folder, the cars just won't show up in-game (not even in the all-cars section).
    So I renammed my mod folder to it's original name ("F_V10") and the mod loaded flawlessly!
    So my question basicly is: How do I make AMS load the contents of the "F_V10_2002_Season" folder?
    Maybe it's not an AMS specific issue, but I'm quite new to modding and didn't find anything concerning that topic here on RD :)
  2. Colin O Callaghan

    Colin O Callaghan

    Maybe it needs a class and rfm file etc, all that was in GSCE forum, can't remember well.
  3. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    I noticed the same thing. Did similar with a superV8 skin pack and won't work. I got my custom icon to show up in menu screen but did not have a hover over backlit effect as other classes and wasn't Clickable. But if I added Superv8 alongside my custom class in the .veh the skin would show up in that class. BUT. it would not read my ford folder even though the .veh in that folder had the class set to superv8
  4. Ravendagrey


    name your srs file to reiza21.srs
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