AMS Copa Montana vs. rF2 vehicles

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Marc Collins, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins

    Just an observation for cross-over users of AMS and rF2.

    For many years I have been concerned about a systematic issue in rF2 and just got a eye-opening when I used the AMS Copa Montana "pick-up car."

    I have perceived that rF2 vehicles ALL behave in a way that there is too little grip/too little "weight" at the rear of the car. The very latest CPM cars are much better, but still not quite there--in my opinion. I tried out the Copa Montana and immediately thought I was driving an rF2 car...and then realized, oh yeah, this vehicle is supposed to have a light rear end! It is appropriately light and feels appropriate light relative to the other AMS cars that are not front-heavy pick-up cars. The Boxer feels like a tail-heavy car, as it should.

    I wish so many of the rF2 cars didn't feel like "pick-up cars" in terms of how planted and balanced they drive. Anyone else feel this?
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