AMS Championship things.


Feb 1, 2019
I have 2 main questions.
First is when loading an offline championship the game does the same amount of laps/time for every race on the custom schedule. Is there anyway to fix that?

And second is also when loading an offline championship theres an ai cap, is there anyway I can make that cap bigger by editing the mod files?


Sep 29, 2015
I think you can either run % length races, which works equate to a different number of laps. The only other way would be making all the race lengths default then going into each and every circuit .gdb file and exciting the number of laps you want there to be. BUT doing that will result in an online mismatch. Personally I wouldn't worry as I never race online so all my .gdb files are edited. These files can be found in the Gamedate/Locations/??????? that you want to edit.

In relation to the cap, is it stuck on 19 by chance? I had this issue, and I can't remember how I resolved it other than creating a fresh .SRS file from scratch. If not and it's something else random go into your .SRS file and edit the amount of AI allowed in that file. It's in the series folder found with the root AMS folder.