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AMS 2 Wish List

hoping for dynamic weather, rain..
and thats it, AMS is already a top sim, give me the same game with even better graphics and i'll be even more happy
Madness engine! The best sim with the best graphics engine, that will be hard to beat. It already looks gorgeous (and I think I saw Monaco somewhere in there). That also means that (1) AMS 2 will have VR; and (2) it may be ported to game consoles. I wish Reiza all the success, they certainly deserve it.
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I would like to have more detailed options for my offline seasons:

ballast options;
able to adjust AI and player tyre wear & fuel consumption so that they match in a particular race distance.
able to adjust pitting options to make sure AI pitting behaviour is in line with player for a fair race. (either by matching fuel and tyres or by using designated pit windows)
able to save mid-race
flexible (adaptive?) AI - i.e fully configurable difficulty options with options to allow some changes/development of an AI's behaviour during a race, and during a season. (so for example, the AI might push harder at the start, or conserve tyres or fuel, or try to fight back for a few laps before giving up, or fight harder in the final laps etc.