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Use this thread to submit questions you would like me to put to Reiza Studios Renato Simioni in our upcoming Automobilista 2 interview.

The big news of the week has to be the announcement that Automobilista 2 is heading to our PC's this coming December, and with such a hotly anticipated title as this, and with so little known about it at this stage, we think it only right that we sit down with the man behind the software and have a chat.

In order to ensure we cover as wide of a range of topics as possible, I would like to extend to you all the opportunity to use the comments section of this thread to pitch any questions you would like me to put to Renato when we meet later this weekend.

Please, don't use this as an opportunity to ask "is car x coming to the sim" as firstly, that's a dull question, and secondly I'm sure that plenty of the content questions are unanswerable at this time - either due to licencing issues, or because Reiza want to save some of the announcement goodness for the build up to release in December.

So please, do use this as an opportunity to have your voice heard, and think wisely about the type of things you want to find out about this new project.

Without further ramblings from me, drop your questions in the comments section below!

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Nov 24, 2017
How much money do we need to raise in order to get it released before December?

More seriously

1) Why did they choose the Madness Engine

2) How long have they been in production for

3) Your press release mentions "including prestigious brands such as McLaren and BMW "
Does that mean the future of Reiza cars will be licensed as opposed to generic.

4) AMS multiplayer had problems gaining traction other than for league use. So How do they think they can address this ...what are the plans for multiplayer (structured or lobby system), do they intend to integrate the PC2 safety and skill ratings, or expand upon them. Will the game offer any kind of stat tracking

5) What areas of the game engine have they targeted resources towards improving and where do they feel they have been effective. Have they expanded the Reiza team and in what areas if any have they brought in new skills.

6) Will it be on Steam day one? :unsure:
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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Original poster
Jun 5, 2009
Thanks for the questions so far chaps - however, please try and steer away from "will car/category X be coming" as they probably can't tell us, or don't want to at this stage.

Besides, the Mini is the only car that matters :D


Mar 30, 2009
Will the focus on car and track selection be more about offering wide variety of individual cars and tracks or will the focus be more about having more cars and tracks from single series?

Will there be a career mode or is it more about online racing and single races against ai?

Will the focus be more on getting real licenses or will AMS2 continue the trend of unofficial cars like not-v8supercars and not-f1 car?
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Jun 8, 2013
Will the tire model interact with LiveTack 3.0 as it does in Project Cars 2? For example, will it interact with dirt on the track and the depth of the puddles?


Apr 26, 2009
Paul, please ask in detail about the madness engine and why they chose it. Ask about the physics side of the engine in particular. Are they using madness physics or just the other features? If they are using madness physics and ffb, how does it compare to AMS? What are the positive handling feel changes vs AMS? What are the drawbacks?

Basically, it is clear why you might choose madness when you consider day/night, rain, graphics. It is not as clear why you would choose it for physics. The majority of AMS fans must be thinking this to one degree or another. We want to know if the great feel of AMS will be preserved and improved while we are getting the other modern features that are obvious benefits from the new engine. And we are hoping that Reiza isn't having to compromise handling feel to make AMS 2 more feature rich.

Also, I get the fact you don't want a thread full of "is this car in AMS2", but you have to ask at least one content question on cars and one on tracks. Such as, are all AMS cars and tracks coming over to AMS2? Can you tell us a bit about new content at this point? It wouldn't be an interview without at least asking something like that.

Thanks for tackling this for the sim community.