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AMS 2 DLC Vote with your Wallet List

Reiza says they have a multi-year plan for DLC for AMS 2. Some paid; some free.

Let's help their market research efforts by listing not what we want in a fantasy wish list manner, but what we are serious enough to pay for--and how much are we willing to pay. Don't waste time telling others that they should want something else or to pay more or less than they stated. Either agree (equivalent to a vote) with the original suggestion(s) and/or post your own.

If we do this sincerely, it will actually help confirm for Reiza some of their established plans and could affect what they consider or prioritize going forward. I will start the list with one of my own to show the format:

Four or five iconic kart tracks from anywhere in the world

By iconic I mean considered "great" tracks within the knowledgeable karting community. The Brazilian tracks all fit that category. But let's get some from the rest of the world :) I am also assuming I will get to drive on these with a next generation set of karts that will be built into AMS 2. I hope that is a valid assumption!
If it is open to modding and easy to mod (like GTR2 or F1C), I more than happy to pay anything that Reiza releases. But if there is no modding (or is very restrictive...) I will continue with GTR2. And... well, those who like AMS2 without mods (just its vanilla content), enjoy it to the fullest. :D

P.D.: I would love to see a 1979 or 1980 F1 car in AMS2. :) What about the 1980 Fittipaldi F7? I bet many would buy it. (5,99 €)
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Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
A decent list of 60's & 70's tin tops - for instance, some of the favourites from GT Legends. For a decent group of 20 - 25+ cars, done to Reiza standard, I'd fork out $30 or so, NP.
Also I would like to see legendary packs sorted like this...
£10 Red bull ring + historic layouts + fitting cars
Same for the others:
£10 Adelaide + ...
£10 Montreal + ...
£10 Spa + ...
£ 10 Silverstone + ...

So...base content will feature all the Brazilian stuff all the others tracks cars packed as "legendary"
Small dlc with actual track + 2 historic versions (at least) + fitting cars
Something like Raceroom but better...
After spending the day at Belle Isle I'd still like to see the trans-am series out of the US. It's a lesser known series but seeing these cars power round Belle Isle gets your heart pumping.
TA class - Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Corvette, CTSV Caddy
TA2 class - Mustang, Camaro, Challenger
Either class would work for me but why not multiclass :) . Of course would need a few US tracks as well.
Also would like to see some historic content. Not overly interested in current trend of single cars, want a series or group of cars. A gpc79 type or a lemans classic mod type
speaking of historical content, i came up with these:

90s gt pack:
mclaren f1 gtr: $2
lister storm gts: $2
oldsmobile aurora: $2
callaway c7-r or corvette lm600: $2
lotus sprit v8: $2
porsche 996 gt1 evo or gt2 evo: $2
chrysler viper gts-r: $2
$10 full pack

90s track pack:
brands hatch: $2
sebring: $2
sportsland sugo: $2
fuji speedway: $2
full pack is $6, better off as free content if brands hatch 90s is a config for default brands hatch