Amplifier and configuration for Buttkickers for Simvibe + Subwoofer output

Hi all, I've been lurking a bit and learned a great deal from this forum, thanks!

I'm in the process of adding transducers to my 80/20 simrig (4PlayRacing + Fanatec CSW 2.5) and trying to figure out how to put together a configuration will both support Simvibe as well as audio output from my PC, PS5 and Xbox.

I'm planning on 4x Buttkicker Mini LFE in chassis mode and have mounts for them ready to go, and may add one full size Buttkicker in the future depending on how the 4x Mini's feels.

I'm using a Denon X3600H as my HT receiver and considering using the second subwoofer output to the amplifier in order to run console games and non-Simvibe supported PC games.

My first question is what kind of amp (or amps) seem appropriate for this? I don't think that DSP is needed since Simvibe handles that for supported games crossover on the HT receiver should do so for audio based games through it's sub output, but please correct me if this is wrong.

A few options I'm considering based on what I've read and current availability in the US (I am open to anything):

2x Dayton APA 150: This is the least expensive of the options, but seems like it may be underpowered for Simvibe.

2x Monoprice 605030: A bit more power than the Dayton, but no crossover control (though I don't think that matters).

1x Emotiva BasX A-500: This seems nice because of 5 channels so could be useful if adding a 5th full size Buttkicker later on.

1x Behringer NX4-6000: I believe this is the only option that would support 2ohm, though I'm not necessarily planning on running 2ohm (unless I should).

1x Pyle PT8000CH: I don't expect to need 8 channels, but it is cheap and massive. I do suspect the quality is not up to par with the others.

Second question is how to wire it. I was considering splitting the single subwoofer output from the HT receiver to four using a couple of Y's and connecting these along with the four outputs from the soundcard for Simvibe to a switch box. Does this seem appropriate or is there a better solution?

Thanks in advance!