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American Truck Sim: Washington State Industry Previews

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
ATS Washington State Industry 5.jpg

American Truck Simulator is soon to get a new map expansion - so why not take a look at some nice architecture from the latest state set to be added to the title?

Everyone enjoys a well made world map when driving around in something like American Truck Sim, and in recent months SCS Software have adopted a new approach to how they go about designing the often intricate location designs for both ATS and European Truck Simulator 2.

In Washington, we took another step with modular prefabs. Each dock consists of the foundation stone of our own depot and around it, we gradually build the whole complex, making the process quick and efficient. This also makes each depot unique, as every map designer has a different approach.

With Washington State the next on the list for the American themed trucking sim, we get to have a little look at how some of the new industry locations within the title are shaping up - and I must admit, they do look very well put together indeed..

ATS Washington State Industry 1.jpg
ATS Washington State Industry 2.jpg
ATS Washington State Industry 6.jpg
ATS Washington State Industry 3.jpg
ATS Washington State Industry 4.jpg

American Truck Sim and European Truck Sim 2 are available for Steam PC now.

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Those pictures look very good. I can't wait for Washington state to be added. It will be fun to drive from a city on the Northern Washington coast all the way to San Diego.:)

Durge Driven

I am not sure on this, I was driving my dads 18 wheels at 10 years on long stretches of open road , back then steering was not power assisted and was still very easy and light to steer. the only force you get is screwing the wheel
backing up and things like wooden bridges

In modern prime movers is all power assisted you turn wheel easy

In trucks with no power steer the thing is realistic is a bit of centre force
ie: if you screw steering going slowly or standing still it will want to screw back

I think that is realistic for Historic cars as well ( no power steer ) tiny bit of centering force but not enough to effect cornering

P.S. As for road feel in these modern rigs with air cabs it is like a lounge chair
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I run the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel and yes FFB is not great for me either, I've notice every time I start the game I have to sort of reset the FFB to get it to work again, I do this by sliding the "Force Feedback Stiffness slider" in the controls menu screen all the way to the right and all the way back to the left and the FFB kicks right back in the steering wheel jolts and its fine again. Really odd I know, but that fixes the issue for me. This also happens on ETS2 too and fixes my issue. Is it a bug ins the game?