American Racing Club events growing fast!

Eric Nelson

For those of you out there who are looking for some exciting race action we at the American Racing Club are continuing to pump up the grids!

We have 2 very good nights of action going now with fields consistently over 14 entries weekly!

Mondays GT class events and the Firday night Touring car events are always big and the WTCC events is usually over 20 drivers!

This week we saw a big bump in grid sizes for the Wednesday Night Mini race (12 drivers) and the Thursday Radical race had 10!

That is 4 nights of double digit grids!

Sunday we have an open format currently and changed the start time 45 mins earlier which just might persuade you to join us and still be off the controls by 10:30 EDST! you can expect any non- single seat car to be run on this night. V8 Supercars, Mini's , touring cars etc.

Check out all the latest events and happenings here>>>>>

click on the previous USA events button and check out the race reports from the drivers in that event. This will give you a taste of what you can expect when you join us!

And lastly, we use TEAMSPEAK every race so you also get to enjoy that community feel with your fellow drivers! no other site offers you this level of commitment to the total sim racing experience!

Hope to see you out here with us soon!

Eric Nelson
RD racing Staff

Yves Larose

if i may make some suggestions, why not try to run an early Sunday event, something like 1 pm ESDT which would make it something like 10 am for the west cost guy's and it would also be possible for our brazilian friend to join us. it would also be nice to run the less popular classes once in a while like the caterham, the US muscle cars, the camaro cup and the productions cars ( race on and GTR-Evo ones ). i know that some of them are very hard to drive but i think you can learn so much from driving them and make you a better driver and improve understanding better on how to setup a car. if it would be possible to have the server setup a few days in advance for the events with those less popular classes so poeple can train with the more experienced guy's and get advices and tips from them and i could also provide some good combos ( car/track ) to Eric as i have run them often when i was part of the staff.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
If you were to run that time, the weeks with RDTCC dont get a sunday EU event and its only a couple of hours earlier than the normal EU start time so you would probably get a decent boost there, depending on whos running the league of course.

Eric Nelson

Yves I like the time change idea but am thinking in Summer most people don;t want to be indoors in the middle of a Sunday Afternoon when the weather is so nice.

Maybe I'll poll that idea.

Regarding car class, ATM I am trying to build attendance in all events and choosing familiar cars encourages peeps to join and race rather than try out something new every night between tracks and cars for now.

Once attendance is consistently higher , 10 per race at least, then I'll be adding in some different stuff.

Thanks for the advice and I'll give it more consideration for sure.
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