AMD RX 480 just announced.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jason Palmer, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    It looks like AMD have just revealed their next graphics card line up at Computex a few hours ago.

    It looks like from early reports that it will be aiming its sights at the new nvidia gtx 1070 performance wise but at a lower price tag.

    As always we will have to wait and see just how this new line up of cards performs once the review channels get a hold of them and whether or not they plan on releasing a real high end card to compete with the GTX 1080.

    I think they are aiming for a release date of the end of this month and a price tag starting at $199.

  2. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte

    Will be interesting to see how this performs.
    1070 may be faster but for 1080p/60 the 480 may best be more than adequate.

    The question then will be what price/performance will a 1060ti offer.
    The next 4-8 weeks could be interesting for those like myself seeking a new GPU.
  3. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    IF...and that's a big if, AMD can do this and present good drivers to bring out it's performance, the new 1070 prices would drop like a rock.
    Given their 'hit and miss' driver support history on everything since the original Radeon 9800 Pro, I don't see it happening.
    Hopefully, they'll prove me wrong.
    I would love nothing better.
  4. Frank


    The "hit and miss" has as much been an issue with nvidia as it has been with AMD. AMD has very stable drivers (in Windows) for a long period of time now, as stable as nvidia (if not, more stable).

    It troubles me people still have this idea after the driver issues mainly in the 5000 series.

    And no, I am not an AMD fanboy, I support all hardware as long as it gives me the results I desire.
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