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AMD Racing BMW GT3 -- Nurburgring Edition

Skins AMD Racing BMW GT3 -- Nurburgring Edition 1.0

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Bernd Graf submitted a new resource:

AMD Racing BMW GT3 -- Nurburgring Edition - Special edition of the AMD livery with real-life logos and plates

In preparation for Kunos' release of the much-awaited DLC pack including the laserscanned Nurburgring circuit, I have prepared this custom version of my AMD Racing carbon livery. I have added official Nurburgring logos, fonts, and badges from the VLN race...let the 2015 Kunos series begin!

Special thanks to users Oversteer and Fabian95 from another site (cannot name because of RaceDepartment policy...let's just say it has something to do with grip :D) for the numberplate template!


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I can believe you have done this to me!!!!!
I bought this car from the showroom in all good faith and you forgot to tell me about the blind spot. I now have a blown engine and severe paint scrapes. The airbag has gone off and i spilt my can of stella. I demand a refund!!!!
Seriously though, brilliant skin but the Nurb killed it.