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Amazing difference in car performance

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Darth-Fluffy, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Darth-Fluffy


    I am currently at Monaco on my career, with HRT, I managed 12th place grid slot with a time of 1.22.xxx and I can do constant lap times which is good.

    I just did a time trial with the same setup in a Ferrari and managed a 1.16.xxx I could have gone quicker still but was missing a few apex's and braking a bit too early as my HRT only just manages to slow down in time.

    I am so glad that the cars have different performance, makes it more worth trying to get a top team drive.
  2. Gonira


    yes, there is a difference, but not so high. in time trials, tyre and fuel sim are off. tyre sim, particularly, have a huge impact of 2 to 3 seconds in lap times.
  3. McNab1986


    Im proably the only one but i actually find driving the cars in TT harder than in career mode ( all assists off except ABS, I drive Manual but have pit lanes on auto)

    I am faster in TT than in career but i seem to find it harder to control the car in TT. I seem to understeer alot more.
  4. notDavidCoultard


    Well i have a feeling thats because on TT its perfect conditions....rubbered Track, no wind, perfect tire temps and engine temps and don't forget that "1 lap" of fuel thats in the car.....

    Time Trial is a Perfect racing environment for the F1 cars to as fast as they possibly can within the games limits...

    This means you car is quicker out of the corners under most circumstances so you have more speed when you reach the corner..so your (Normal race) breaking point is negated..... in turn you need to brake marginally earlier in order to avoid that a-typical Under-steer.

    Personally i run with +1 wing on front and rear in comparison to my Race setup so i can counter that...and i'm still a lot quicker in TT then in the race even with +1 wing...
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