Am I crazy? (Fanatec related)


Feb 16, 2020
I recently procured a CSW v2.5 and had been using it with my CSL PS4 wheel as well as the Mclaren GT# wheel. Both worked really well and provided a little extra realism when paired with the CSW as opposed to the CSL elite. Her his where I think that I might be crazy or an idealist. Today, in the mail arrived the club sport universal hub and a GT wheel. I have only just attached it to the base but the feeling from wheel/base combo is leagues what the CSW and CSL wheels felt like. Am I making this up because I "want" it to be better or should it indeed feel more realistic. The GT rim is 330mm so the larger size might have something to do with it as well. Any input is greatly appreciated. Either way I am. more than happy with the new wheel.

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Ben Ware

Apr 27, 2014
I’m also interested to hear others views on this as I am close to buying the CS V2.5 Forza bundle. Just waiting for my CSL Elite bits to sell.


Sep 13, 2012
The GT wheel and hub combo for a start would be a lot heavier, that coupled with the larger rim size will result in a smoother, some might say muted force feedback feeling, the PS4 wheel and GT3 wheels are really light so you get much more forces from the motor, I tend to prefer the larger rim size as I can be a lot more accurate.
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