Alterations to Rulebook

Originally posted before Round #4.

Dear Drivers,
the staff has come together for discussion and decided to undertake the following rule/procedure changes.

New Grid 2 Race Layout

World Series Grid 2 race settings: 50% distance, timescaled mechanical failures, 2x tire wear, 2x fuel consumption.
The point of this is that if there aren't a lot of drivers in Grid 2, the drivers won't have to do a full race distance on an empty race track, whilst still maintaining tyre, fuel and engine behaviour.

Other changes:

1. File Submission:
The penalty for no/wrong submission of hotlaps / cutting hotlaps has been changed from a pit-lane-start at the next race into a back-of-grid-start penalty at the next race.
The penalty of Disqualification for no LOG submission remains the same.
We are currently working on a user interface for drivers to check whether their files have arrived on the server.

2. Launch Control:
If a driver is caught not using LC and they cause an accident or gain any advantage over people starting with LC, he will be disqualified.
If they just make a mistake and don't gain any time or don't cause problems, they will just get 0.5 Penalty points.

3. Red Flags:
The only scenario where Red Flags come into play is for obvious startline incidents, for example if a driver has a Launch Control problem or forgets to start driving and causes a number of other drivers to suffer in terms of damage.

4. “Vehicle must be stopped”:
This server setting has been changed. You can now press ESC without stopping the car beforehand. Can be important for avoiding incidents and drivers are expected to make use of it.

5. Pitlane starters:
We are currently looking into the option of moving the sector 1 split line on all tracks closer (make S1 shorter) in order to reduce the waiting time for pitlane starters.
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