Alonso Won't Quit Mid-Season

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  1. Bethonie Waring

    Bethonie Waring

    alonso.jpg Fernando Alonso has dismissed rumours that he could quit Formula One mid-season. The McLaren-Honda driver has been vocal about his… disappointment in the 2017 car, but says he will stick with the team.

    Alonso, who has a history of picking the wrong team at the wrong time, has been open about his criticism of the McLaren Honda since the manufacturers returned to F1 back in 2015. Almost as old as his complaining are the rumours that the Spaniard is close to quitting.

    "In Spain, if one ex-driver or motorbike driver has an interview, there's always one question about Alonso, how difficult the situation is," Alonso said.

    "Everyone is quite close to me, and it's like I have a depression. It's not like that."

    One such comment came from his old friend Mark Webber at the Australian GP, who said Alonso was "frustrated" and that Stoffel Vandoorne might have a different team mate before the end of the season.

    Before the start of the season, Alonso was still "100% committed to winning". It's unlikely that a difficult preseason testing would have knocked him back from that passion to be successful again. And, after almost finishing inside the points at Melbourne (Alonso retired, but had been running in 10th earlier in the race), he's optimistic.

    "I'm in F1, I'm delivering at my best, I'm more prepared than ever, I'm performing I think at my best," he said. "You know the team is not very competitive right now. Ok, it' true. Nothing we can do from one day to another, so it's hard work.

    "At the same time, I think the team is expecting an extra job from me now, an extra result from me, as we did in Australia. The predictions, the simulator, they said that we are last, and we were 10th.

    "In China, if the prediction says we are last, hopefully Alonso is in the points."

    So, Alonso is committed to completing the season. After that, with his contract up for renewal, who knows.

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    Do you believe Alonso, or will he quit before the end of the season? Do you think he’ll stay for another season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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  2. Winkhaus


    I think it's unlikely....
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  3. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill

    It'll never happen, but I would love to see a BOT/ALO swap between Mercedes and McLaren...set up an epic showdown with HAM before Fernando retires.

    That would be awesome.
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  4. Rob


    You know if Fernando Alonso went to the DTM or the WTCC, I would watch every race, even though I don't now.
    Every driver that goes over and runs ovals in an open wheeler says they have a ton of fun. Even the great Nigel Mansell said it was the greatest challenge of his life. With all the money Nando has, I just don't understand why he doesn't make himself happy, he always looks so sad.
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  5. Yapci


    I think this situation over the last years in Ferrari and mclaren is just making him a greater driver. He is going to end being one of the greatest tecnichally even thought he has "only" two championships. It isn't easy for sure to struggle with a car that doesn't do exactly what it might do or what you want to do and keep fighting with faster cars, and he does this in every race since lot of years ago.

    I'm pretty sure that, as he said, in the same car he would beat anyone in the grid right now. What he does with the mclaren (see last years vs button) is just awesome.

    A shame that he is getting bored of waiting for a good car (and that he has done bad choices all his career...), because I think he could stay way longer in F1 in top paces against the younger guys.

    Hamilton has the pace when the car goes well, but he struggles when anything doesn't go perfect. That's what makes him second best in the grid for me.
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  6. Enpassant


    Every driver in modern era of F1 which want to go down in history, must consist with full packed: the team, the car, the talent, the luck. Today Nando have only the talent (maybe greatest than all others). But crown of laurels in F1 isn't for just talented drivers... That is sad, but it is true. :unsure:
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  7. Colin Knowles

    Colin Knowles

    Greatest of all :laugh:
    this the same driver that made a bizzare pit stop in Singapore for fresh rubber in totally the wrong place only for his no.2 to put his car in the wall bringing out a safety car :whistling: gifting him the win only for Nando to shrug his shoulders like he knew nothing :roflmao: please...

    Or maybe it's the guy who threatened to report his own team to the FIA if he didn't get no.1 status over a rookie Brit :laugh:

    Fast driver don't get me wrong but dubious character :whistling: what goes around comes around Fernando :speechless:
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