Alonso to Mclaren in 2015?

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    Came across an article in a Spanish F1 news website F1Aldia. It says that the Whitmarsh may be even pushing for 2014.

    According to the article Massa would move to Sauber (due to the Ferrari engines) next year and H├╝lkenberg to Ferrari in 2015.

    Here's the link to the article:

    IMO, I'm not sure why Ferrari would care where Massa ends up and Maldonado to Lotus sounds a bit dodgy even with his PDSVA backing.
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    How about "loyalty towards the guy who spent 7 years in the team, gave them quite a lot of race wins, lost the WDC by a single point and was close to dying while driving their car"?
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  3. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    Somehow i'm willing to think that Alonso will go to McLaren. He can't be in competition against his team mate. Kimi is solid performer and the #1 slot is 50/50: who ever gets the most points in the first races will be #1 driver. As far as talent goes, i think Kimi has more but (this pains me to say as a Finn..) Alonso works harder. In any case, they are very evenly matched.

    Thinking about marketing values, Lotus did awesome job for boosting Kimis unique personality as a good thing. The "i know what i'm doing" angle has made Kimis marketing value skyrocket. When he was last in Ferrari, they were embarrassed of him not talking. Now they are embarrassed of Alonso, for totally different reasons: Fernando talks too much.. If they go for Hulk, they got two drivers that i can see working together and not talking smack (note, Kimis will say if the car is crap but he does it from an angle that's perceived as honest..)
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    Daniel Ciglar

    I've heard Honda will be pumping in 100M$ for their partnership with McLaren. At least McLaren won't have to pay their future fines caused by Alonso on their own.