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Almost impossible to create a descent setup in this game.

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by heuts, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. heuts


    Hi all,

    I find it very hard to create a descent car setup in this (F1 2010, 2011, 2012) game.
    - If you try it in Time Trial, they don't work in Quick Race and Online Races because of the riddiculus grip levels.
    - Quick Race is slightly better but the AI (even on legend) brake way to early, so no constant laptimes are possible,
    in order to even start changeing things in a setup you have to be able to drive constant lapstimes, within two tens
    of eachother. This is impossible because the AI are continuesly in your way and far to agressive in the practice
    session. About this practice session, Codemasters surely messed up on this by saying it's not being used so we
    only make one session instead of 3, wich is not the reallity, they pretend to let us play the life of an F1 driver so they thought, ok lets put in the young drivers test days, all nice but lets face it how many of us played this feature
    more then 5 times? In the Proving Grounds section is a feature called Time Attack, i still don't know why it's there
    i just cant imagine its being used that much. In order to make this game better just give us back the 3 practice
    sessions, or create a testday for every circuit, or create a feature to turn the AI off in this 1 practice session we
    have now.
    There, i spilled my guts;), i will keep playing this game, because i like it to much lol, wich leaves me with one
    last question. In what game-mode to do our car setups for online racing?

    Greetings to all:)
  2. Dimos Kapourniotis

    Dimos Kapourniotis

    The only solution is to practice, practice, practice.Personally i do maybe 100-120 laps per race to optimize my setup.You can repeat the practice session before the end and believe me you'll get the setup that suits you.You can't do anything about AI but they won't be on your way everytime.Still,it's a good thing to have them there because you can see how fast you are with the setup you have. Considering lap times, you'll always see some differences due to tyre degradation and fuel load so they won't be the same every lap.:)
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  3. Wes Tyler

    Wes Tyler

    Couldn't have said it better myself. For those who need more than one practice session: do practice and save the best setup you made during that 1hr. Pause the game and resart session. Load your previous setup and continue tweaking it. Save setup, restart session. Continue as necessary. Unlimited practice sessions! :D I personally only go on track during practice sessions strictly for R&D. lol

    Online custom game w/equal cars and all simulation options on. Long race weekend.
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  4. Justin Webley

    Justin Webley

    I race in two of the online leagues we have and I even though I may be one of the slowest drivers on the track I still spend many hours testing, tweaking and testing again before a race.

    Yes consistancy is one of the things your aiming for but you have to be able to do this while others are on the track doing there thing. Just like in real F1, every driver is testing their own setup in their own way. If that interfere's with your plans we... thats life unfortunatly.
  5. Roberto Costa

    Roberto Costa

    I still don't know how people is able to tweak their setups on F1 2012. To me looks like its just related to people's lap times. Most of the changes i do, i cannot feel the difference on the car handling, extremely different from trying to make a setup on a sim :thumbsdown: