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I know what it means to lose a hard disk... That is really a pity. Especially when a lot of hard work is lost.

Keep it up man. RBR community needs your mod. The results from the pictures you post look absolutely AMAZING!!!

I hope you will be able to recover your files.

Don't give up....
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Another quick one, just to get back on track: For some reason I have to change the drive letter of the malfunctioning hard drive every few minutes in order to access the files. Good news is, I´m able to retrieve them, bad news is it´s taking some time. We´re hobbling towards the finish line.

In the meantime I changed location from France to Japan. Here is a work in progress image of Noiker. Right now it feels like driving right through a japanese garden. Don´t know if this is a good or a bad thing yet though...

upcoming schedule:
It´s been a while... after my harddrive failed, my wheel broke and at one point, I had to reset my whole computer to zero. In addition to that, it turned out that Japan contains the most bizarre stages. Noiker and Pirka Menoko have weird patches with "constant shadows" that color the road surface red-ish in an otherwise grey road surface color scheme. In order to combat that I had to turn the lighting way up to avoid these shadows that taint the colors. All sorts of additional issues ensued so I ended up having to retexture both stages pretty much entirely. In the end I´m happy with the results but more than ever in this mod, with these two stages it will come down to personal taste.

Here, once again some work in progress pictures. I won´t put out an estimate for a final release anymore, as there are way too many factors playing a role in the final outcome. I´m happy to say though that all there is left to do are the US-stages.

upcoming schedule:

I toned the vibrance a little bit down after that one. But I believe it will still be too much for many... but not for me!
(and you will be able to adjust the vibrance on your own via the reshade-presets, if you choose to do so)
I always forget to take pictures of the original settings, so here is a rare before/after shot of the newly finished Fraizer Wells:

this is what I inherited. I think these are some RSRBR settings with the particle mod by Kahoo from 2011.

I got carried away once again with the retexturing of the stage. I wanted it to look more "interesting" so I went with some dry grass patches. Dry grass patches turned into new shrubs and bushes and one thing led to another and in the end I came up with this look.

and some more impressions of Fraizer Wells.

upcoming schedule:
Prospect Ridge 1+2+2A
Diamond Creek 1+2
Hualapai Nation 1+2
Prospect Ridge is done. Only had to adjust some minor things this time, most prominently though the color of the track at the rocky parts of the stage. Those triggered the same particles as the red-ish sandy parts, causing irritating miscolorizations. And I put in a little bit of life with some grass patches ... and got really annoyed by the textures of a rock that is just badly implemented by whomever made the track.
I will include a "known issues" section to the mod, listing all sorts of problems I couldn´t or am probably not allowed to, modify. Different colored track parts triggering the same particles is the most common one.

Here again some pictures of the recent process of finetuning the Prospect Ridge stages, in hazy_partcloud conditions:

upcoming schedule:
Diamond Creek 1+2
Hualapai Nation 1+2
I´m inching forward toward the finishline: Just finished Diamond Creek. I might have bitten off more than I (or maybe RBR?) could chew but the original Diamond Creek just looks bland. So for fun I tried to implement some red-rock features a while back in my original iteration of the mod and then kinda stuck with it. Without proper shadows and lighting (none of which RBR does have...) it was quite difficult to make this rather radical red-rocky color work.

In addition the default "lighting" of Diamond Creek and Hualapai Nation btw are quite different to all the other tracks, for some reason. So I had to give in to some compromises, especially with the more foggy and extreme conditions.

Before I take to Hualapai Nation, the final destination on my RBR-Mod-calender, here are a few impressions of the new Diamond "Red Rock" Creek:


upcoming schedule:
Hualapai Nation 1+2
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Thanks to all of you following the progress of the mod!

I finished Hulapai Nation. This stage, as many others of the original RBR tracks, has some sloppy texture implementations that hinder a more wild and experimental approach when it comes to retexturing without making it look like a mess in some parts. That´s especially true for areas where different ground textures collide with other ground textures. Often there is a "hard line" between them without any blending. So you can only have minor changes between some ground textures. Hualapai Nation and Diamond Creek are especially prone to that because of their wide layout where you can see a far distance and suddenly have the horizon textures collide with the track textures. And with the rocky middle part of Hualapai Nation you have that right next to you. But that´s an issue for the original textures as well. It´s just something I tried to get rid of but couldn´t.
In order to not make the Hualapai Nation scenery look to bleak I decided to go for a similar yet "dryer" look as the one I chose for Fraizer Wells. Works for me. Couple of pictures at the end.

So yeah, done with everything one would think, right? Well, turns out that my recent hardware failure actually did wreck some files, so I lost a bunch of progress. It is a good thing that I found that out only just now, because otherwise I might have abondoned the whole project (at least for a while) back then. So right now I´m working through the stages again, fixing what needs to be fixed. It looks like I only lost some of the weather settings for a certain period of my progress since the particles seem to look just fine. Nonetheless I have to go over the stages and their respective weather conditions again until I find the point from which on I can rely on my latest settings from after the recovery again.

So don´t spam Ctrl+F5 just yet. It´s going to be some time. Sorry. It´s more frustrating to me than to anybody else, believe me.

Right now I have looked over the first 38 of the total of 177 custom stages. I believe the cut to be at around stage #85. Hrmpf.

And, as it turns out, I only have a single one of the Hualapai Nation shots. But a kinda fitting one with the partly crashed car limping over the finish line :)

"Are the clouds on your screens also part of this mod?"

The clouds are not my own textures. They came with my installation. I don´t know if they are vanilla or RSRBR or some RBR Pro textures? I tried different installation methods (with every hardware failure I had recently...) and they all seem to come with the same cloud textures. So they propably are vanilla? With that being said, you can control the look of the clouds (not their shape!) quite a lot through the weather settings and the reshade lightings that will be part of this mod.
I actually do plan in the future though a little script that loads different and random cloud textures with every start of the game for more varied clouds ingame. Because RBR offers only 4 different cloud shapes by default.
What a pity :( but hey, we will be here, silently supporting you, so keep it up!
Hope you saved part of your files to work on a different drive, not prone to have a failure.
just to give you some perspective as of the pace of the progress: currently I´m at stage #59 out of the somewhat 85 I have to work over again. I console myself knowing that by having to redo some settings, the quality is only going to go up, compared with the previous draft: I crushed a game- (or at least mod) -crashing bug at Humalamäki and unified the different weather condition types further at plenty of the stages I came across. Eventually I will take a final look at all of the stages again to finetune, but for now I decided to release the mod once I´ve reached #85 "as is" and patch things later on.

I tend to whine about how annoying certain stages are to get right but this time I need to mention Pribram as a blast to adjust. Everything works as intended and I even got around to add some crude standing water splash effects in damp and wet conditions. Successfully for the first time after trying several times. I can´t remember if I ever showcased rainy conditions before in a video, so this might be a good opportunity.

In the meantime, here is some RBR Porn to look at:

Night time is supposed to be used with the bonnet cam at the moment, but this is what it looks like from the cockpit view. At some point I need to create a new headlight texture template specifically for the cockpit view.

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There was summer, there were vacations, there was/is a pandemic, but I´m finally at a point where I´m able to deliver a sort of "Beta" version of this mod, as I promised months ago.

I still have to clean up a few things, and definetly have to write a manual for setting up the mod and using the mod, but within a week from now I will be able to put up the files needed.

In addition I´m going to rebrand this whole thing from ATP mod (a work in progress title anyway) to P.O.R.N. ...because this mod does not provide any new content whatsoever but only tries to please visually :) ... (and maybe somebody can come up with a clever abbrevation this P.O.R.N. might be standing for?)

The current status of the mod is that I have 148 (including the original RBR stages) out of the total of 232 stages in a state that I would call "2.0". These are the ones I´m confident will work as intended upon next weeks release. They will be marked as such in game.
The remaining 84 stages (that include all the WRX stages) are in a "1.0" state. This means they will work, they will not break anything but they most probably will have some lighting issues, mainly in crisp_clear conditions and in some foggy conditions, due to a global change I made with the reshade preset, that accounts for even more contrast in lightings/shadows but causes overblown whiteness in the brightest areas of the landscape, without adjusting, because I was on the limit even before. They will be marked as such as well, to avoid any confusion.
RichardBurnsRally_SSE 2020-09-28 12-20-04.jpg

So here are all the leftovers of my screenshots as a final teaser. A final dump of all my RBR P.O.R.N. centerfolds :)


A finnish stage in crisp clear conditions


Rain on a tarmac stage


one of the effects of the more contrasted light settings: more spectacular looking cloud formations


Northumbria in lightcloud conditions


I believe these are images of Kormoran


Pian del Colle in fresh snow


Japan in the evening


british twilight


one of the newly retextured Australia stages during perfect conditions.


Pikes Peak will come in two versions: the yellow-ish and the red-ish version


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