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Sell All of my Fanatec Gear ($1499.99 plus shipping for the whole bundle...)


I have way too much Fanatec gear sitting in my storage room and some of it is quite nice... all xBox, where applicable... the prices below include shipping and handling. If you want more than one, but not all, I will do something to save you money depending on which ones and how many you buy. Anyway, this is what I have. See attached pics (if you want to see more pics, message me and tell me what you would like to see... be as specific as you want).

1. Clubsport V2.5 Wheelbase $500

2. Clubsport V3 Inverted Pedals (with the shakers on the gas and brake - and brake performance kit) $650

3.Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5 ($150 - I bought it used and never used it, so I can’t even guarantee that this one works... if it doesn’t, I will refund $100 of this price)

4. CSL Elite Pedals with Load Cell Kit and as much of the dampners as I could find... $175

5. The Forza version of the CSL Elite P1 Steering Wheel for xBox One.. ($150)

6. Clubsport Universal Hub for xBox One with Clubsport Flat 1 Rim ($400)

I have all of the original boxes and most manuals, wiring and mounting hardware... anything that I can find,


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Shipping is for the continental US. For everyone else, I’ll do a credit if between $25 and $50 depending on which one it is... and, I might list them on eBay if I don’t get any interest here. This stuff is very valuable on that site, I just don’t like messing with it and the fees are insane...