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All Cars Disappeared!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Windsor, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Keith Windsor

    Keith Windsor

    This is weird. When I started GSC, ALL cars were missing from the menu and showroom. The game still worked, but no matter which car was selected, it did not appear in the bottom left corner, or in the showroom. Has anyone seen this or know what causes it?

    I have done a fair bit of editing the game - I've amended several GDB files to change the race lengths for my Formula Classic season. I've altered fuel use, edited the classic skins and made a 1985 mod and changed talent, hdv and engine files to create a spread of performance.
    I also have Spotter, rFDynHUD plugins.
    But it seemed to happen soon after I added an rFactor data Acquisition plugin. I was rigging up a second computer to try and network the data live to a separate screen, when I noticed all the cars had vanished!

    To cut a long story short I ended up reinstalling everything, but would really like to know what caused it so that I don't run out of activations!

    Any ideas? Thanks