Aliens Colonial Marines (Hoo-rah!)

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    Based on the movie ALIENS directed by James Cameron, Aliens Colonial Marines (ACM) puts you straight into the action as a member of a group of elite space marines sent into investigate the lack of communications with a mining colony on a far distant planet. If you've seen the movie i don't need to fill you in on the rest. For those who haven't, basically the idea is to survive once you touch ground, as hordes of what start of as crablike face-hugging entities, eventually mutate into 8ft reptilian like killing machines. Humans are used like cattle to incubate the alien spawn, in turn exploding out of the chest cavity to greet those who come in contact with instant death. Not exactly the enemy profile for the marines of today.

    Currently being developed by Gearbox with Sega as publisher's, the project has been a WIP for some time and highly anticipated amongst fans of the genre "space horror", I've been following the progress of this title for the last couple year's, at one stage it was rumored as a no-go, thankfully Gearbox have confirmed that this is not the case as the project is alive and still in development with a release date TBA.

    Single player (team leader) controls a team of 4, option for strategic orders can be given.
    2 player splitscreen co-operative(console i guess)
    4 player online co-operative mission.(kick alien ass with your mates, awesome feature!!, can't wait)
    Online multiplayer modes TBA

    You get a sneak view of the game being played at Gearbox HQ, in the video.

    Hurry-up and release this game Gearbox/Sega can't wait.

    Trailer: (average quality, recorded during CES presentation or something?)

    Behind the scenes at Gearbox HQ:

    FAQ: ACM Gearbox forum moderator:

    Screenshots & Conceptual Art:
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