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Tracks Algarve International Circuit (2 seasons, 3 layouts) 1.03

Portimao for AMS

  1. PieterN


    I've just started a session using the GP version of the track racing F3's. During a 35 min qualifying session (101% medium agression) all cars qualified.
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  2. David Peres

    David Peres

    Weird... I must have something wrong with my game then, but so far it seems to only affect this track :unsure::(

    Today I did another AI race on Algarve, this time with the Mini Challenge, and the result was more or less the same as with the Boxer:
    - Practice - No issues.
    - Qualifying - Only 3 AI cars qualified (the others never left the pits)
    - Race - Only 2 AI cars finished the 30 min race (all others got DNF)

    Will try checking file integrity on steam and reinstalling the mod to see if it solves the problem.