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Alfa Romeo Racing Red Nosecone Livery

Skins Alfa Romeo Racing Red Nosecone Livery 2019-07-22

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PapayaOrange16 submitted a new resource:

Alfa Romeo Racing Red Nosecone Modification - Changes the nosecone of the Alfa Romeo from white to red

I've noticed that many people have pointed out that the Alfa livery could look better with a red nosecone instead of a white one, so I've made a quick modification to the Alfa livery and rendered the nosecone white instead of red. The only issues with this have been the base of the halo (with the current layout it is impossible to change it from white to red without changing other parts of the car).

In the next update I will be including a Drag & Drop version without Realistic...

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Looks great, but could you please replace the sponsors on the nose cone with the white ones?