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F1 2020 Alfa Romeo Helmet

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi, I’m looking for someone able to create a helmet for me, wich I can pay of course
I’m racing Alfa Romeo (2021 car) and I would like to race with my helmet, above I would like many things. first the number 96, as if the buckle of 9 was attached to the buckle of 6, like 2 bracelets. I would also like 3 colors to be represented, blue, white and red, whatever the design as long as it is harmonious. on each side I would like 2 stars, much like Lewis Hamilton and on the back I would like a playing card, the ace of hearts. Also, my main sponsor is Air France
please come in my message if it’s possible for one of you
Thanks !
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