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EU Alfa Romeo GTA @ Barbagallo - Wed 27 Feb 2018

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Racing Club & Leagues' started by Craig Dunkley, Feb 19, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 27-02-19
  1. Martijn van Bommel

    Martijn van Bommel

    Woow,great racing ,to bad that i suffered with my contact lenses(is that correct spelling?):O_o:
    I had dry eyes because when racing you blinck far fewer then normal
    and that in combination with lens wearing eyes is not nice :cautious:.

    Still race 1 wasnt to bad,in the first few laps nice fighting,
    Finished 2nd with declining eye sight hahaha:).

    Race 2 didnt go as planned though.
    At the start the sound of the other cars was louder then my own it seemed,
    and so i totally srewed up the start by sliding to the left and bumping into someone,
    sorry for that,and after T1 it was like driving in the mist.
    My lenses decided to go misty so the braking points,apaxes ect ,
    all became a little bit of a guessing game :poop:.

    Hitting my buddy @Martin Kraaijenbrink as i missed my braking point,locking up
    and basicly T-boning him as a good indication of my driving view .
    Sorry there m8, :).
    Still,having waited for him and being last we still finished nice up the field,
    after some nice battles.
    For as far as i have noticed hahahaha.:roflmao:

    Thx for the fun .
    Cy next time.
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