Alfa Romeo 75 - Istanbul 06

Cristian Haba

Nov 24, 2007
Here's the setup I made for the upcoming event, and realising its so early in the morning I might not be able to wake up for it since I have a soccer/football game at 9am and then im going to Beer Fest in Toronto later that day.

To get a good time on this track its all about precision and not over driving the car. Keep your speed up as much as possible in T1 and T2. T3 is all about the chicanes and slow corners and this is where you can lose all the time you've gained in the first sectors, trust me I've done it and its frustrating as hell. It's important to not overdrive the car here and just let it do the work really.

Low 2:00.x in TA and high 2:00.x in practice can be had with some laps under your belt.