EU Alfa 33 Stradale @ Silverstone 1967 - Monday 23 Sep 2019


Craig sorry pal but I'm not feeling too well and going to skip the race tonight .
I hope you guys have fun.


what a nice race. glad I could make it :)
AAAAAA. in quali I was overtaken in the last seconds AAAA.
The first race was so good. Nice driving you all. too bad I understeered in the slipstream of @Denis Betty and clipped the durt on exit and I was out. Lost the podium :mad::mad:
The second race was a good start. So weird to have all the grid behind :confused::confused::O_o: but my racecraft was already used in the first race :notworthy::notworthy:. missed second gear in the first corner twice and spun every time ... that's racing :)
thanks @Craig Dunkley for keeping those short races.
P.S. This car drives well, like an MX5 of the 70's :))

Craig Dunkley

Poor turn out but I was determined for this event to go ahead ..and I am so glad that I did. The most fun I have had for a long time. No, I was not at the front, you do not need to be at the front to have fun! not get me wrong, I admire and respect the front runners and always try to get faster without loosing consistency :thumbsup:

I spent most of my time with @Jempy we were having a great battle, respect and room was given from both sides, we were racing around corners side by side ...thanks mate for a great battle :thumbsup:

Well I have been running classic events now for several months, so need to switch it, next week we will be racing GT4, but for sure I do want to return to some of my favorite Bridgehampton - Donington 1938 - Fledbergring - Deutschlandring - Hockenheimring 1988 - Longford 67 - Thomas Road ...yes mostly Historic/classic. Ford 1600 @ Donington 1938 would make some great racing I am sure ...anyway time to shut up.

No it is not a classic event next week, but it would still be great to see you all ... @GEO147 hope you feel better soon :thumbsup:

Congrads to the podiums ..great racing guys :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I am pondering on starting a Thursday night event...Just mods and classic.

Allan Ramsbottom

Race 1.
Got a drive thru penalty,so on second lap pitted to come out last..:cry:.Good fun catching up and passing the field,great clean racing guys,this is when i wished it would have been a 40 minuter lol..Up into 4th time running out @Raresch hit the dirt :p:rolleyes::laugh::laugh:,gifting me third,bad luck m8,you looked to be having a good race up until that point..Grats to @Denis Betty,nice win m8..:);):thumbsup:...
Race 2..@Raresch got a good start so nipped in behind and pushed him hard,went wide got in front,think denis and @Stig Bidstrup took advantage and were 2nd,3rd..Shame Denis got a Disco:cry::cry:,that sucks..Pulling away from Stig but this race i lowered my fuel and by last lap i had to coast it round for time to tick away(wont be doing that again ) lol..Massive thanks to [USER=296935]@Craig Dunkley,car and track combo,s are awesome m8:thumbsup::thumbsup:..Till next time guys Keep safe,see you on track..:);):thumbsup:[/USER]


A very nice evening with all racers .... although I mostly met one on track .... guess who !? :roflmao:

I was nearly sure to find him back at the .... back as it happened in Donington 1938 with another Alfa.
Of course I'm speaking of @Craig Dunkley ;)

We spent the most of the time of race together, mostly not far or very near ... or at the end side by side in different corners before I decided to give him the opportunity to get the 6th place and of course the pole on the grid for the next race .... :rolleyes::cautious::unsure::sneaky: .... do I lie sometimes ? ... mostly not ... ..
Else said ... he passed me :laugh::laugh:

Second race was something else .... trying to keep the car on track while trying to keep my pedals in place, as they had decided to play .... Holiday on Ice.
Just about Holiday on Ice, guess who I met dancing the Swan Lake ballet in the starting straight ? could just be the same one ...Craig of course. :p
He just tried to do the same he did at Donington with the GTA .... giving me the offer to box him when crossing the track .... that time I missed him by chance ... with a 2 or 3 cm distance ..... but not this time.
Sorry not having been able to miss you this time ... and of course thanks for waiting so long ... as my Alfa at the restart wished to participate in the same kind of Holiday on Ice ballet.

A very good car ... with much understeer in corners .... but pleasant and fun driving.

Thanks for the organization and the drivers who could join for this pleasant evening.... and well done for the quickest ones :thumbsup:


42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
I'll keep it short this time. Was great fun, had decent lap times but also a bunch of stupid mistakes. Congrads to the podium. Love these combo's. Thx for organising, Craig.


@Raresch got a good start so nipped in behind and pushed him hard,went wide got in front,
Sometimes, when the guy behind is very close, i tend run wide, to leave space, if he dive-bombs or brakes way later than me. i am more afraid of that than keeping the position :notworthy: i am afraid to not be called: you moved in front of me or smth. keep trying to say: i i am in front i have the right. sometimes the feet and hands don't listen. sometimes i make mistakes just because. I should just take the inside more often and maybe nobody can push me off then.
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