Alex Albon Joins Red Bull from Spa Onwards

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In the least surprising news of the year, Pierre Gasly has been confirmed as leaving Red Bull with immediate effect…

… to be replaced by highly impressive Toro Rosso rookie, Alexander Albon.

The Anglo-Thai racer, making his debut in Formula One this season following a strong 2018 campaign in Formula 2 where he finished third overall, will be drafted into the Red Bull team alongside Max Verstappen from the next race at Spa-Francorchamps onwards.

With Albon stepping up, Frenchman Pierre Gasly will return to his former Toro Rosso team as he continues to fight to keep his Grand Prix career alive following a disastrous start to the current season with the main team this year.

Albon has been confirmed at Red Bull for the remaining nine races of the current campaign, as the Austrian team look to evaluate who is best placed to partner Max Verstappen full-time next season.

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Red Bull "hard management" could cut your wings... let's see what Albon is able to do !
It's sad for Gasly but Toro Rosso is maybe, at the moment and for him, a more gentle place.

Cheers. ;-)
Not following F1 lately so is it just me or RedBull team now is comprised of newbies? No seasoned mature drivers?
Are they changing their motto to "SendIT"?


Western Australia
Not sure if he deserved to lose the seat. But it's a cut throat business and he is a part of the most cut throat team of them all.

Seems like for every one driver that succeeds in the Red Bull F1 academy, they destroy the careers of 5 others.

Filip Carlén

Well, something had to be done about Gasly, and Kvyat has already had a chance and he blew it. Albon is probably Red Bulls best shot right now, but I'm not sure he is ready yet. I hope I'm wrong though. Too bad for them that Toro Rosso let Sainz go, since he is proving to be really good driver at McLaren being just 5 points behind Gasly in a midfield-car.
Max is just too good, he is. I guess Albon will do better but its going be hard for him,...Marko did it Gasly back to torro rosso ?


When Max V is the benchmark, even the amazing Danny Ric had to buckle. I wish Albon all the blessings from the Thai Gods.
it was a matter of days.. i don't think Albon will do better though as we all know Redbull is all about Max. I don't feel bad for Gasly i even think he will be better at TR because less pressure there.
Cut-throat business. :alien:
Wasn't just a few days ago they been announcing that Gasly position at RB isn't questionable for the rest of the season ? What a world we living in... what a sport, what a team... :sick:

Since there's 9 races to go I think they should distribute them evenly between those two drivers, to prove themselves who's the best - Kvyat gets 4, Albon gets 4. And in that one remaining strap Helmut himself in the damn car, just to make him maybe appreciate more what these guys do every day. And to wet himself, in a process.

Personally, Albon looks like a nice guy... I'm happy for him.
But you know... I'm a soft type... I count Kvyat and Gasly also as a nice guys. :x3:

Anyway... this was total surprise to me.
Guess they listen what my man J. Villeneuve said after all. :D
I could understand the logic when they demoted Kvyat, since Verstappen was waiting in the wings, and well, we all knew he was going to be in that seat next year, and that he was the next big thing. But, there's literally nothing to suggest that Albon will do any better than Gasly, so why the urgency to upset the apple cart at the half way point? With just 12 starts to his name, I fear this is a big risk for Alex as well.


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Red Bull is the biggest douchbag on the Formula 1 grid once again. Backing up their driver and then cold-blooded kicking him out.

I think Albon is too young, too inexperienced.

from redbull website.

After just four races of 2016, Verstappen moved from Scuderia Toro Rosso to join Red Bull Racing and race alongside Daniel Ricciardo

max is 21, albon is 23.... not sure what being young have to do with it.