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AL Super Touring Seasons - Super Touring Cars

View attachment 63590 View attachment 63590 SUPER TOURING RELOADED
This is a graphical update of my first ever mod 'AL Super Touring' for the Race07 series.
I had to build and learn everything from scratch to make the mod. It was 'learning by doing',
and it resulted in a little bit messy mod, so I've tidied it up.
You need the STCC addon from Simbin to get the sound of...
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Kenny Paton

Thanks for the update Andreas, love this mod because it was the best time in the BTCC and it's great to race these cars again.


This is the updated version of ST 3.6.5, with new car models and a season calculator to simulate a career.


Thanks Andreas for your job is awesome!!!!

P.S. Templates for the 405 and Mk1 Primera, are available?

Thanks again!!! Awesome work!!!!


I'm working on a new update with some fixes. After that there will be updated templates! Regarding the sounds, as stated in the readme some addons are required. If you don't have them installed you can just replace the .aud file with a .aud file from another car.
I doubt this is linked with the updated mod but my Playstation 3 controller now won't work with the game. It was fine yesterday but has now gone haywire! I use DS3 tool, can anyone help??

pye man

Great mod!!!

I can't seem to find the correct files when downloading through steam (UIdata, etc.) I am running windows 10. Do you know of any issues running through this system?

Cheers in advance.

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