AIW What cars best??


Sep 22, 2008

I am making tracks for Race-On, but using the built in AI the cars are about 6 seconds slow, so I put the track into rfactor and run a bunch of laps in a fast single seater and slow touring car, both times the AI was still about 5 seconds slow, mainly going getting all wobbly through the tricker fast turns.

I am still unsure if I should be using a slow car or a fast sticky car? should I avoid sliding while I run the fast line??? I am checking the fast line after recording it and making good the start line and pit in/outs. The turns the AI are getting big sideways moments all look fine when I check the fast line...

Any help will be good, ooo final thing, when I dropped the AI back into RaceOn the card started about 20 meters to high, again I started this in Race-On, then into rFactor, when I saved in rFactor I choice dont change height, I assume I should select lower point????

Kris Vickers

May 9, 2009
When your running the fast line, it doesn`t matter whether your going 100% all the way round, or 30mph, what maters is smoothness. Any 'jagged' line in the fastpath results in the AI having a sh1t fit. Imagine them seeing a rabbit crossing the road and trying to avoid it.

And sliding your car is an absolute no aswell, as it wont give accurate results.

Originally, i used the AIWtools to create my paths, and i drove the car around the track with the pit limiter on, with good results (eventually). Its much easier to use BTB, but can be with limited success. I`ve gotten my BTB one pretty close to how fast the AI were going in my old AIW. One plus side of BTB is its easier to tweak small sections, ie specific corners.
What your best doing is Ctrl & T to accelerate time, and when the AI starts their 4th lap, go to swingman and watch them. Which ever corner they are struggling with, work on the AIW in that corner. Do them one at a time (pain stakingly slow i know, but the best way) and eventually you get a decent lap.


Jun 6, 2009
Festa_PWR has given you some good tips.

My "aha!" moment was when I realized that more waypoints doesn't help. I like the BTB fast-line approach, just wish it supported all the features of rFactor's AIW editor (and subsequently all the SimBin titles). You can also fiddle with various numbers in the AIW file to improve a number of things, like if the AI are braking too slowly or too quickly. I'm still digging into that.

I find it's best to run the AI through a number of mods to see how they're doing as each mod reacts a little differently and record best times (use the "Finish Session" button to speed things up by bunches). In rFactor, I've so far found the 1971 Formula 5000 mod was my toughest... they weren't too slow nor too fast, but when 20% of a field were pushing off into the dirt each lap on a particular turn, it was time to have a deeper look. Turned out they were going off as they got back onto the throttle and just needed a little more room on the outside. The resulting change only negatively affected the other mods by a tenth of a second or so.

Watching the AI lap, you'll also find there are good uses for corridors, to keep the AI off things they shouldn't get into or to allow them to run more loosely or to get them orderly before a chicane.


Mar 16, 2009
I saw that the ISI Rhez was the right vehicle to use for setting fuel usage, but i haven't got it installed anymore, so i used the Panoz (another ISI car). I can't say if it works any better or worse that others cause it's the only mod i've used to set the AIW, but things like the faster cars in CSGT tend to run off with too little braking, Indy/F1 cars tend to run off on the exit of slow corners. Likewise i haven't really delved into the AIW text


Sep 22, 2008
Interesting that some of you chaps are using the BTB line to setup the AIW, looks like I should look more into that as it saves shuving the track back into rFactor, intersting also about the speed, I was going to quick I guess, maybe explains why the AI struggles with faster turns as this is also where I would be more tritchy... Not sure if V9 of BTB is improving the fast line in BTB?

Thanks for the feedback, gives me a number of things to work on.