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Misc AI sidelines, pit fix, and hint for Autodromo de Tocancipa v2.0

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kevink63 submitted a new resource:

AI sidelines, pit fix, and hint for Autodromo de Tocancipa - Fix for broken pit lane, side lines and ai hint added

The fast lane seemed very good, but pit lane was broken. So a new pit lane was created, and I cleaned up the sidelines and added a hint to help with crashing.

Very nice track, in my opinion!

Original track link:

Please back up the track before installing.

Important: Delete all .bin and pit_lane_with_grid.ai files in the ai folder of original track for clean install.

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Thank you very much for fixing the AI!
I'm glad they solved it, I was doing another circuit and I hadn't had time to do it.

Muchas gracias por arreglar la IA!
Me alegro que lo hayan solucionado, me encontraba realizando otro circuito y no había tenido tiempo de realizarlo.
Hi kevink63, nice from you with this updates for this track, I have a problem, pit lane in the reverse layout is not working, the cars after the finish don't get in pits...


With new update? will check, though I thought I checked again this morning before upload.

Did you delete the .bin and pit lane with grid.ai files?


Ok I've got it running in track day mode, and cars are entering/exiting pits as normal.... what do you mean "after the finish"?
sorry, I reinstalled all the track and erase the files, copy your files and now is working all fine, Thank you...maybe I had some missed file