AI Opponent Strength


I need a bit of help here. I like the AI's now since the 1.4 update that finally fixed the issues. I've done tons of testing, 100% is way to much for me. Even when I come around the corner I get a pit maneuver and spin out from a AI. I can't seem to find something right to be realistic. 80 is way to slow, 90 is a so so mostly I use 90 but it's not realistic enough. I did another test on Nascar with 83% it was alright. The AI kinda let me pass a little to easy. What % do you guys recommend? I need something for them to keep up with me through 30 laps.

Cote Dazur

AI strength is car and track dependent, like us they are better with some car/tracks combo, so you will have to play with the slider to adjust for their and yours strength at different venue
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